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- Special Areas for CHI 2003
- Living the theme at CHIplace
- Design and Usability in Practice track
- Role based overviews

Special Areas for CHI 2003

Three special areas support the conference theme of communicating via interactive digital media: e-learning, emotion and mass communication.

CHI 2003 will explore the role of HCI research and practice in improving e-learning experiences. We need a better understanding of how to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate engaging and motivating e-learning, and how to design and use the technologies to support e-learning.

The various disciplines involved in Human-Computer Interaction each bring their own theories and languages about emotion to the design and development process. CHI 2003 will provide a focus for everyone working to understand emotion and integrate understandings into the collaborative design of future technology.

Access to information has moved to multiple media (print, computer, cellphones and PDAs) in many forms (web pages, email, digital facsimiles, time-based media). Information is delivered more often and can be more easily searched. It is more directly accessible and available in many more places. It is easier than at any time in history to be a publisher, and for readers to become respondents and publishers themselves. CHI 2003 will focus on how HCI can respond to the advent of mass communication and interaction in the digital world.

Living the theme at CHIplace

Given the focus, theme and special areas for CHI 2003, it is vital to continue the development of CHI's interactive online forum -- -- from 2002. CHIplace is now enhanced with more social presence to make you aware of your fellow colleagues and a matchmaking service to put you in contact with HCI specialists with similar interests. CHIplace lets you find other researchers in your specific field to propose new directions for the HCI community, constructively criticize the existing organization or refereeing procedures, share your victories or debate the decision when your paper is accepted or rejected. In fact, this year CHIplace will facilitate the Fringe, a place where papers that the authors think would not fit with mainstream CHI submissions are presented, discussed, and then, in some cases, given a chance to be presented at the CHI conference.

In addition, CHIplace will encourage discussions based on the papers, plenaries, panels, SIGs, workshops and tutorials that will take place at CHI'2003 both before and after the conference. At CHIplace you can learn about the interesting scenery behind CHI, the possibilities, the gossip, and the conflicts, and the dramas.

Design and Usability in Practice track

To create an effective user experience, real-world product developers must balance creative interaction design with objective attention to end-user needs and performance. This can be a significant challenge in fast-track situations where ideal methods can only be approximated. To share insights and techniques of practice in these areas, this new track will bring together product-creation projects involving interaction design and usability work.

Role Based Overviews

We want everyone to get the most out of CHI 2003, so we are eager for everyone in the HCI community to be aware of all participation opportunities that are relevant to their professional role. The CHI 2003 has specific orientations for Designers, Practitioners, Researchers, Students, Educators and people with a management role in their organisations.