CHI2003 - New Horizons


Opportunities for Practitioners at CHI 2003

Practitioners working in design or usability are well served by the innovative Design and Usability track (new for 2003) and the popular Interactionary competition. Both participation categories offer specific opportunities for product design and development teams. The focus of both tracks is on real-world design and the insights that practitioners can gain from exposure to best practice.

Each year, CHI holds a Development Consortium that aims to bring new communities and issues to the CHI conference. For CHI 2003, it is aimed at HCI practitioners, and will explore future necessary developments in interactive digital media as a mass communication medium. This small, closed pre-conference venue offers opportunities for a small group of specialists to spend two days together sharing and developing ideas about a key future direction for HCI as a discipline.

CHI offers practitioners many opportunities for letting their organisation benefit from CHI. Practitioners can consider opportunities for your Organization at CHI 2003 sponsorship and recruiting and exhibiting. Lastly, don't overlook the general participation categories such as CHIkids, SIGs (Special Interest Groups), Panels, Workshops and Demonstrations that offer great opportunities for practitioners to get together and discuss the challenges of HCI at the cutting edge. If you have skills and knowledge to share, then do consider presenting a tutorial. Indeed, most participation categories at CHI are suitable for practitioners, so make the most of CHI and explore the full range of opportunities for participation.