CHI2003 - New Horizons

Your Organization at CHI 2003

If HCI knowledge and skills are central to your organization's competitiveness, then you need to take advantage of the many opportunities being offered at CHI 2003.

As the 21st CHI conference, CHI 2003 offers proven opportunities that let your organization make thousands of delegates aware of your commitment to high-quality interaction design. Sponsorship draws attention to your organization in print and web publications, as well as on conference bags, banners and displays. Recruiting opportunitieslet you meet potential new colleagues. Tutorials let you update your team members. Workshops, Panels and SIGs let you address issues that determine your organization's competitiveness. The conference exhibition lets you sell your products and services. Demonstrations let you communicate your product's design and development to your peers. If you develop products for children and young teens, then CHIkids offers further opportunities for you to see how potential buyers will react to your products.